A/V PRODUCTION – Offering professional mobile sound and video capabilities to the Colorado front range.

LIVE SOUND – Professional quality 22+ channel band style mixing and recording with incredible sounding digital gear ready for the road. Add 6+ channels for main outs, monitors, and DMX lighting and you got a great setup that the band will love as much as the listeners.
1 – Sound Craft – GBR2
1 – Alesis Midiverb 4 (Reverb/Delay effects)
1 – DBX Spectral Enhancer (Kick Drum & Bass Subsonic Enhancement)
2 – Mackie Thump PA Speakers
3 – Yamaha MSR100 Monitor Speakers
1 – Roland SSW-351 18″ Trapezoidal PA Subwoofer
1 – Behringer EuroPower EP2500
1 – MOTU 828 MK3 (Digital Interface)
2 – ART TubeOpto 8 (ADAT XLR expansion)
1 – Live Wire 24/4 100′ Snake (current config. 23/2/3)
1 – Seismic Audio 24 channel Splitter Snake 30’/15′

STAGE SIDE RECORDING – The ability to offer CD quality recordings of a live show before the band even gets done packing up their gear is unheard of, but it’s here!  With our highly sophisticated mobile digital audio/video workstation you can get incredible live sound mixing, web streaming, and both CD and mulit-track recording all at the same time at a ridiculously affordable cost with the tiny foot print of a TV tray. This system can easily be incorporated into any venue using our splitter snake.

REAL TIME AUDIO ARCHIVING – Studio style recording directly into our digital audio workstation. Perform and take the tracks home with you or have one of our audio engineers master it for you.

LIVE VIDEO – Infield audio and video capture devices and the latest streaming recording technologies capture the moment in high quality and also stream the event live over the internet.

MEDIA AUTHORING – Professional video editing and custom DVDs/Blu Rays are also available.

INTERNET FORMATTING – All types of internet formatting is here. Whether you require an HD Youtube video, or even an on-demand RTSP file, the technology is available.

WEB HOSTINGUse the latest telecommunications technology to drive your web presence.

FTP HOSTING Already have a website and need a great server with basic FTP access to host it? We got it! Our servers are the latest in telecommunication technology. No we don’t house them in our local studio, we rent space from the most advanced server farms in the world that are developed with the fastest bandwidth pipes for the ultimate in service.

WORDPRESS WEB HOSTING WordPress is basically a control panel that allows users to have professional websites while being easy to edit without coding knowledge. Use our server to host your WordPress database. Your WordPress database is easily transferable so you don’t have to worry about navigating your website to a new host.

WORDPRESS DESIGN – Get a fully functional WordPress website setup with all the bells and whistles. Includes dynamic responsive layouts, store with special coupons, media enclosures for podcasts, multiple RSS feeds, email newsletter, and more! Pay the onetime setup fee and when we finish setting up your framework you’ll have control over every aspect of your site FOREVER!
You’ll have full control over editing and posting!
No proprietary theme!
No ongoing fees!
Totally free plugins!
Fully accessible database with the ability to migrate to different servers!

MEDIA STREAMING – We provide powerful media stream hosting.

SHOUTCAST AUDIO – Shoutcast MP3 streaming is the standard way to get a live show straight to your website! Whether you are looking for a “live” stream or one that can run off of a server side playlist, we can provide it. Now providing Shoutcast 2.0!

YOUTUBE / TWITCH – Stream High Definition Video/Audio directly into any online relay/hosting service.

SPECIAL EVENTS – Taking pride in doing our very best to reproduce your special memories.

KIDS DJ PARTIES – Birthday parties, holiday parties, you name it! We’ll bring the heavy hitting sound system and crazy lighting effects to the scene. We cater to the kids, encouraging them to plug in their iPods and let them party down. We also bring a vast array of up-to-date music to DJ and take requests. Live microphone for announcements and singing. VDJ setup and live camera supplying even more room interaction. Recording is available. Even a fog machine!

WEDDINGS – We can supply the perfect small PA setup with microphones and a 2 HD cam video shoot with sporadic photos. All the special moments get recording from the ceremony, cake cut, first dance, family well-wishes, etc.

RECIPE VIDEOS We’ll take the gear into the kitchen with a 3 HD camera video shoot includes and down view shot. Infield sound recording gear for the audio.

DOCUMENTARY FILMS – We know how important a good “true” story can be and it’s an honor for us to be involved in documentary filming. Everything from long days of traveling and shooting to doing background scoring on a films audio track.  It’s all extremely important and all the precautions are taken when working on the project.  Whatever is needed to capture the moment is taken into consideration.